• Scientific Program

Scientific Program

Oct. 8, 2015

Registration (Huigao Garden Hotel)

18:00-21:30: Welcome Banquet (Huigao Garden Hotel)


Oct. 9, 2015

8:00-8:10 Welcome Speech by Yu Liu (Chairman of ICCB2015, Nankai University)



Chair: Zhan-Ting Li (Fudan University, China)

8:10-8:50: Kimoon Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)

PL01: Applications of Cucurbiturils in Chemistry, Biology, and Materials

8:50-9:20: Adam R. Urbach (Trinity University, USA)

IL01: Cucurbit[n]uril-Peptide Interactions


9:20-10:00: Coffee Break and Group photo


Chair: Kimoon Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)

10:00-10:40: Zhan-Ting Li (Fudan University, China)

PL02: Cucurbit[8]uril-enhanced aromatic dimerization for periodic supramolecular organic frameworks (SOFs) in water

10:40-11:00: Ali Trabolsi (New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

OL01: Cucurbituril-Modified Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles for Combined Cancer Therapies

11:00-11:20: Khaleel Ibrahim Assaf (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)

OL02: Acceleration of an Intermolecular Diels-Alder Reaction inside the Cavity of Cucurbit[7]uri

11:20-11:40: Dvide Bardelang (Institute de Chimie Radicalaire CNRS et Aix-Marseille University, France)

OL03: Contribution of free radicals to cucurbiturils Toward a photochemical route for monofunctional cucurbit[n]urils.


11:40-14:30: Lunch at Huigao Garden Hotel & Poster Exhibition


Chair: Adam R. Urbach (Trinity University, USA)

14:30-15:10: Jurriaan Huskens (University of Twente, Netherland)

PL03: Comparing the host-guest properties of cucurbiturils and cyclodextrins in the development of supramolecular materials

15:10-15:50: Anthony Day (The University of New South Wales, Australia)

PL04: Cavities¨Csmall and large


15:50-16:20: Coffee Break

Chair: Jurriaan Huskens (University of Twente, Netherland)

16:20-16:50: Hugh I. Kim (Korea University, Korea)

IL02: Host-guest Chemistry of Cucurbituril for Controlling Protein-Protein Interactions

16:50-17:10:Simin Liu (Wuhan University of Science & Technology, China)

OL04: Cucurbit[10]uril: easy-purification and its binding with bipyridinium guests

17:10-17:30: Ofer Reany (The Open University of Israel, Israel)

OL05: Heterobambusurils: Unique Synthetic Anion Binders


17:30-19:30: Dinner at Huigao Garden Hotel


19:30-21:30: Cruise Traveling on Tianjin Haihe River


Oct. 10, 2015


Chair: Zhu Tao (Guizhou University, China)

8:30-9:10: Oren A. Scherman (University of Cambridge, UK)


9:10-9:30: Uwe Pischel (Universidad de Huelva, Spain)

OL06: Cucurbituril host-guest chemistry for molecular information processing


9:30-10:00: Coffee Break


Chair: Oren A. Scherman (University of Cambridge, UK)

10:00-10:40: Lyle D. Isaacs (University of Maryland, USA)

PL06: Cucurbit[n]uril Molecular Containers: From Basic Science to Drug Delivery

10:40-11:10: Pascal Jonkheijm (University of Twente, Netherland)

IL03: Supramolecular engineering of cell-surface interfaces

11:10-11:30: Andreas Hennig(Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)

OL07 : Molecular Imaging with 129Xe NMR and Cucurbiturils-Highly Sensitive Contrast Agents for Detection of Enzyme Activity


11:30-13:30:  Lunch at Huigao Garden Hotel


13:30-18:00: Visiting at Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street & Tianjin Museum

18:30-21:00: Conference Banquet

Oct. 11, 2015


Chair: Lyle D. Isaacs (University of Maryland, USA)

8:30-9:10: Werner M. Nau (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)

PL07: Binding the Improbable

9:10-9:40: Jun-Qiu Liu (Jilin University, China)

IL04: Cucurbit[n]uril induced protein self-assembly

9:40--10:00: Ruibing Wang (University of Macau, China)

OL08: In vivo inhibition of MPTP/MPP+ induced neurodegeneration by Cucurbit[7]uril


10:00-10:30: Coffee Break


Chair: Werner M. Nau (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)

10:30-11:00: Laszlo Biczok (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)

IL05: Effect of the guest structure on the kinetics of the inclusion in cucurbit[7]uril

11:00-11:30: Eric Masson (Ohio University, USA)

IL06: Dynamic oligomers and stereoisomers controlled by Cucurbiturils

11:30-11:50: Kira E. Vostrikova(Nikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the RAS,Russia)

OL09: Inclusion of Nitronyl Nitroxide Radicals in Cucurbituril and Their Transformation in Solution and Solid

11:50-12:10: Dinesh Shetty( Institute for Basic Science, Republic of Korea)

OL10: Cucurbit[6]uril nanocapsules: a modular platform for the development of multimodal PET/MRI materials


12:10-14:00: Lunch at Huigao Garden Hotel


Chair: Eric Masson (Ohio University, USA)

14:00-14:40: Zhu Tao (Guizhou University, China)

PL08: Progress on synthesis and separation of cucurbit[n]urils

14:40-15:10: Vladimir Sindelar (Masaryk University, Czech)

IL07: Modification of macrocycles based on glycoluril


15:10-15:30: Closing Remarks

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