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1. Program for ACC2005 has been settled on April 11, 2005.
2. Second circular has been sent out on October 20, 2004.
3. First circular has been sent out in July 1, 2004.
4. Further details of the Conference, including the general information, schedules, registration and hotel accommodation, will be provided in the second circular, which will be sent out in October 20, 2004.
5. We will provide cheap lodgings for the young students attending ACC2005: it is about 120 RMB each day for a double room, i.e., one student will pay 60 RMB per day for his/her lodging.
6. ACC2005 will set up the poster prize for young cyclodextrin scientists of 40-year-old or less. The stipend is provided by Professor Tsuneji Nagai (President of Hoshi University and President of THE NAGAI FOUNDATION TOKYO).
The first prize, 50,000 Japanese Yen for one researcher
Excellent prize, 30,000 Japanese Yen for one researcher
Semi-excellent prize, 10,000 Japanese Yen for two researchers


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